10 Things You Did Not Know About Aloe Vera

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The word ‘Aloe Vera’ fills our minds with images of sap-laden, long, green, thick thorny leaves. You may know it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and a great skin care essential. But did you know that Aloe can also help your digestion and save you from balding?! About 35 million American men have registered hair loss issues as of 2016. Here in this article we reveal some of the age-old applications of Aloe Vera for incredible health benefits in Ayurveda. Aloe Vera is a must-have in your beauty and kitchen cabinet.

Aloe Vera is also known as Ghrit Kumari in Sanskrit. A renowned scholar and practitioner of Ayurveda (an ancient healing modality that relies on herbal sciences for treatment of illnesses and wellness)  Acharya Shodal introduced this herb in texts called Nighantus, way back in the 14th century.




One of the most commonly known benefits of Aloe Vera is that it helps improve your skin tone. According to Dr. Nibin, a Sri Sri Ayurveda expert, apart from topical applications, consuming 1 teaspoon of Aloe Vera pulp every day substantially helps lighten your skin tone. Also if you have a hectic work life and poor sleep as a result of it, you could be more prone to developing dark circles under the eyes.  Applying the pulp of Aloe Vera over the affected area also clears up dark circles and patches.

Aloe Vera is a gift of nature for those with frequent acne outbreaks, or perennially dry skin. For new mothers or those who have lost weight, stretch marks are a common occurrence. Aloe Vera repairs skin tissues quickly and reduces stretchmarks too.

  • Anti-Cancer Properties

Can Aloe Vera help fight cancer? According to Dr. Nibin, Sri Sri Ayurveda expert, Aloe Vera is known in Ayurveda for its anti-cancer properties. “Intake of Aloe Vera pulp daily on empty stomach will help prevent cancer too,” says Dr. Nibin.

  • Reduces Hair Loss

Be it due to bad climate or high iron content in the water, if you are losing hair (and sleep) due to hair loss, worry no more. Not just for the skin, but Aloe Vera is also a wonder herb for reducing hair loss for both men and women. Aloe Vera pulp and honey boost hair growth, strength and arrest hair loss. Oh, and it also makes your hair shinier!

  • Burns? Aloe Vera To The Rescue

You can apply Aloe Vera pulp over skin burns to reduce the severity of it. Aloe Vera also helps heal the burns without scarring the skin.

  • Aloe Vera Is A Gynecological Blessing!

Aloe Vera is the primary ingredient in a popular and highly beneficial Ayurvedic formulation called Kumaryasava. Kumaryasava is prescribed in Ayurveda for treating digestive tract disorders, menstrual problems, hormonal imbalances, distention, bloating, piles and respiratory disorders.

A) For late or irregular periods

Taking Aloe Vera along with honey on an empty stomach a week before the expected date helps regulate the menstrual cycle. It re-balances the secretion of hormones like estrogen and progesterone in women. The warm nature of honey also helps to induce a woman’s monthly flow.

B) For painful periods

Aloe Vera consumed orally or applied externally as a gel helps ease pelvic congestion which greatly reduces painful stomach cramps that many women experience during their periods.

C) For breast pain

Aloe Vera pulp can also be used for pain relief in the breasts when the woman’s body is going through PMS or lactation, or even in the cases of miscarriage.

  •  Moisturizes And Fights Skin Burn

Nothing else comes close to the power of Aloe Vera in treating sun burn rapidly and effectively without leaving scars. Aloe Vera acts as a great moisturizer because of its unctuous properties.


Disclaimer: The conditions and illnesses could also be due to a mix of Dosha imbalances. Please do not try to self-diagnose. This article is purely for informational purpose. We strongly recommend you consult a Sri Sri Ayurveda physician for a thorough examination of your constitution and its balances/imbalances.

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