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Now this may come as a surprise and especially if you have never paid closer attention to your body constitution or Doshas, that a lot of symptoms you experience: like perpetual tiredness, or lethargy, excessively oily in the skin and hair, weight gain or increased cholesterol could be due to an aggravated Kapha Dosha.

One of the most empowering attributes of Ayurveda (one of the most ancient natural healing systems in the world) is that the pathogenesis process in Ayurveda dives to the root cause of the disease instead of just treating the symptoms for temporary relief and has an important indicative value in pointing towards potential diseases or illnesses that could manifest in your type of body constitution.

Kapha is important for all the structural and lubricating functions in the body like in joints and lungs. It has a say in your body weight, reproductive functions, fat, blood formation, marrow, and muscles. Here we share some of the physical and psychological signs of a balanced as well as aggravated Kapha Dosha.

  1. Psychological signs of a balanced Kapha

1)   Forbearance

When Kapha is balanced, you tend to be more forbearing towards others. For example, a person with balanced Kapha will be able to let go of unfavorable events or experiences more easily than others.

2)      Courage and intelligence

Attributes like a fine and sharp intelligence and fearlessness manifest when Kapha is in good balance.


  1. Physiological signs of a balanced Kapha

1)  Lubrication

The body is sufficiently lubricated when Kapha is balanced. You do not feel dryness in your skin and other parts of the body.

2)  Strong joints

To check if your Kapha is out of order, examine how healthy your joints are. An important sign of a balanced Kapha is your joints remain strong and sturdy when Kapha has been in balance.

3) Virility

A stable Kapha ensures strong drive, vitality and overall strength in the body.


Signs Of An Aggravated Kapha

  1. Psychological signs

1.Tendency for depression

A feeling of void, meaninglessness and inexplicable dullness could cloud your existence when Kapha is aggravated.

  1. Overattachment

Loss of emotional control and over attachment to people and situations is another indicator that your Kapha is not in order.

  1. Greed and laziness

Uncontrollable instincts to grab or want too much of something on one hand and lethargy and inability to fully enjoy are also signs of an imbalanced Kapha.


  1. Physiological signs of aggravated Kapha

1.White discoloration

White discoloration in skin, nails or any other body parts can be a sign for you to investigate your Kapha.


You do not have to wait till Anemia is detected in your body. Get a pulse diagnosis or Nadi Pariksha done to see if your Kapha is out of balance and if you have a tendency for Anemia due to this imbalance.


If you experience excessive itching in the body during the day, for no clear reason, it is time to check your Kapha.

4.Mucous discharges

Some people experience mucous discharges and pusses more often than is ideal. This is a vital indicator that the Kapha could have increased in your body. Mucous discharges are the first signs of more serious problems emanating from deposition of toxins or Ama in the body.

5. Feel cold and aversion to cold

Individuals with disturbed kapha tend to feel cold. At the same time, they are averse to cold weather and food. They desire to eat hot food and stay warm. They have a propensity for heat in general

6. Heaviness and excess sleep

Feeling heavy all the time with or without having eaten is a sign your Kapha has increased.  This heaviness tends to slow you down, leads to oversleeping and makes you sluggish all day.

7. Edema

Imalanced Kapha could reflect in higher water retention in the body which leads to Edema. Edema is swollen body parts due to accumulation of fluids in body tissues. It commonly occurs in the feet, ankles, hands or hands

8. Weight gain

Unreasonable weight gain or inability to lose weight easily also points to increased kapha in the body.

9. Dull digestion and tongue coating

If you find a coating on your tongue on a close examination, it indicates poor digestion and presence of Ama or toxins in the body in the form of deposits on the tongue-all of which are signs of imbalanced kapha. You may also find a sweet taste in the mouth throughout the day due to this imbalance.

10. Loose joints

Kapha governs structure and  the network of joints in your body. When kapha is out of order, it could start showing up in the form of joint problems, poor lubrication in the joints or looseness in the joints.

11. Elevated cholesterol

Imbalanced Kapha could also manifest in the form of higher cholesterol in the blood stream. Since Cholesterol increase does not show immediate symptoms, if you find your Kapha is out of balance in your pulse diagnosis, it makes sense to get your cholesterol examined too.

12. Sinus congestion

Do you have a problem of seemingly unending sinus congestion? Chances are your Kapha has been out of balance and needs some looking into.

13. Hypothyroidism

If your thyroid gland is under-active, in other words, the secretion of hormones from thyroid gland is irregular, it is another strong indicator of Kapha Dosha imbalance.

14. Scanty menstrual discharge

Irregularity in menstrual cycle and reduced discharge points to the fact that you need to realign your diet and take Ayurvedic detoxification and re-balancing treatments to get Kapha back in order.

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