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About 35 million Americans have sinusitis attacks each year. The symptoms like a runny nose, heaviness in the head, affected olfactory organs, occasional fever and cough congestion can make it a draining health situation. A condition explained by inflammation of the sinus tissue walls-sinusitis-can occur due to common cold, allergies,dust, dryness, nasal polyps or deviated septum. Though we hold dear our nasal sprays and painkillers, you may want to try a few natural home remedies and tips out of the Ayurveda book ,one of the most ancient sciences of natural healing and wellness, to manage the sinus problem!

1. Nasya or Nasal oil Therapy 

Oil massages can help balance the Vata dosha and reduce kapha aggravation in the facial region. The nose is the door to consciousness. Nasal Therapy helps to clear and lubricate the sinus passageways, relieving acute and chronic sinus problems such as allergies, mucous congestion, dry nasal passages, and snoring. The process of administering herb-infused oils into the nasal cavity also helps to relieve headaches, sinus related migraines, reduces anxiety, clears and strengthens the mind, and stimulates the nervous system. You do not sleep or lay down immediately after this treatment.

It is important that you take the nasal therapy under the supervision of an expert Ayurveda therapist. It also matters, what kind of nasya oils are used, how it is administered, what kind pf precautionary information is provided to you and how you are helped through the entire treatment.

Where can you go?

Whether it is to get rid of the sinuses or for a holistic mentally and physically rejuvenating experience, if you are someone who is always looking out for a kick-your-boots-up relaxing spa vacation, replete with good food, great detoxes and treatments like Abhyanga, Nasya, full body oil baths, herbal wraps administered by highly skilled therapists and doctors, head over to The Art of Living International Retreat Center, state-of-the-art wellness center nestled on the lap of Blue Ridge Mountains, Boone, North Carolina. For more information, go here!

2. Avoid cold food and drink

In Ayurveda, it is believed that “like increases like”. As cold and dry are vata qualities,consuming something that is cold will naturally increase or aggravate vata (air element) in your body. This is especially true in regards to your throat and head-area during the spring, making your sinuses, nasal passages, and throat more sensitive and prone to irritation. Do your best to avoid chilled drinks, ice cream, smoothies, and cold cereals.

3. Avoid dryness

In terms of Ayurveda, sinus is a result of imbalance in the Vata and Kapha dosas, that is,the air and earth elements. In other words, dryness in the air can make everything worse for people who are prone to sinusitis. So winter is generally  a bad time for sinusitis patients.  Using a low humidifier can help reduce this lack of moisture in the air. Too much humidification can also make it ideal for bacteria and viruses to thrive. About 30-50% is a recommended value. 

4.  Stimulate your digestion

Proper digestion and elimination is particularly important in Ayurveda. When agni or digestive fire is burning strong, it prevents accumulation of toxins and mucus in the body. If you aren’t digesting food properly, the build of up toxins and mucus can lead to illness and allergy symptoms. To prevent this, here are a few tips:

5. Steam it up!

It is hard to beat the relaxation you get from inhaling the vapor from warm medicated water. Basil leaves or eucalyptus oil are the secret ingredients for an effective herbal steam to unclog the nasal passages.

6. Magic of milk and turmeric

Trust us on this one! Add a dash of turmeric to a glass of warm milk and have it. Turmeric has cur cumin which has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the nasal inflammation which is the main pain point in a sinus attack. It is rich in antioxidants that can help fight possible infections in the nasal cavity. Cur cumin also helps unclog and reduce the sinus pressure.  Make sure you are not allergic to milk before you take this concoction. You can simply take ground turmeric powder with warm water 

7.  Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of lukewarm water around the day will not only give you clear and flawless skin but it will also help you get rid of the mucus and other toxins accumulated in the system.

8. Ginger

Add slices of ginger to your herbal tea concoction for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial goodness.  

9. Yoga and breathing 

Yoga and pranayama can help clear your nasal passage and can be effective for asthma and sinus treatments at home. For instance, the Kapalbhati Pranayama helps clear the respiratory passage. Bhastrika and NadiShodhan pranayama help in clearing congestion. Yoga poses like Hastapadasana and Setu Bandhasana can also help combat nasal issues.

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