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Category: Spirituality

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September 11: A Tale of 2 Survivals

On that fateful Tuesday morning, I happened to be in the World Trade Center when the first of the two planes crashed into the towers. What followed is a tale of two survivals. First from the burning buildings and the other from the horrifying impressions on my mind. They stood like sentries, tall and unapologetic. Symbols of

September, 11 2016
Life, Death and Insecurity of the Ego

Life and death is a continuous and non-stop cyclical process. Everyday we experience a microcosm of this process as we shift from waking to sleeping and dreaming. When we sleep we disappear. We don’t fear going to sleep because we have done it many times and assume we will wake-up. The difference with death is

September, 09 2016
Empowerment : Are We Chasing an Illusion?

  There is a certain buzzword that seems to have caught on extensively these days. Every non-profit is working towards it. No politician dares to exclude it from his/her agenda. Every media house vies to report on the subject. And you can’t get past any social media platform without seeing a message or two on

August, 30 2016