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Oily skin? Not necessarily a bad thing! This is because the oily sebum ,secreted by the sebaceous glands located around follicles, is trying to maintain a moisturizing balance in your skin. The problem is when this secretion is in excess, and you do not know how to control it! Add with it, pollutants and dirt covering up the skin pores and you have the formula for easy acne and blemish problem. That is probably the reason why we are reluctant to have oily skin. So we here are a few important and simple tips to control the excess oil in your skin!

1. Use a mild face cleanser, not more than three times a day

Don’t over-wash! Over-washing your skin will not help you get rid of the excess sebum. Washing your face twice or thrice a day should suffice in its purpose to cleanse the skin off dirt and dead cells.

Pick a cleanser that protects the skin’s natural acid mantle, is gentle and retains skin’s natural oils.

For example, Ultra-soothing chamomile, lavender, neem, and calendula combine in this luxurious hydrating cleanser of Shankara’s Hydrating Cleanser that leaves skin feeling soft and supple but never greasy.

It is gentle, soothing and a non-irritating cleanser.

Protects the natural acid mantle

Gently and effectively removes make-up

Leaves skin feeling moist and silky

2. Hydrating Serums To Your Skin’s Rescue

Hydrating serums provide the much needed protection to your skin from elements like pollution, air conditioned rooms, and ultra violet rays, apart from reducing aging because of the presence of antioxidants. They improve your skin tone and revitalizes your skin. Another enormous benefit of serums is they are lighter than moisturizers but they act fast to give you quicker results, since they use active ingredients.

Yo-yoing between climates with too much humidity and too little of it, and struggling to keep your skin hydrated? Thankfully, there are amazing natural Ayurveda-friendly hydrating serums for Pitta or combination skins like Shankara’s Daily Repair Serum-Meadowsweet that come replete with the soothing qualities of algae extract, aspen bark, green tea extracts, grapefruit seed extracts, amla, ashwagandha, neem, charmae rose, fulvic minerals, lemon tea tree, Patchouli extracts and glycoproteins.

Shankara’s Daily Repair Serum- Meadowsweet comes with these benefits and more!

Can be used when skin has a tendency towards oiliness to balance and replenish hydration

Supports natural skin renewal

Hydrating for revitalized skin

Also ideal for Combination Skin (Pitta)

3. Turmeric

Turmeric consumed orally raw or applied externally can spell magic for your skin as it naturally reduces sebum production to normal levels. Turmeric can also reduce the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands. A scrub made out of turmeric added to a few drops of lemon juice and water can be an easy to make application. Apply the paste evenly and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash it off with some lukewarm water

4. Vitamin A rich foods

What you put inside your body, eventually shows on your skin. Vitamin A-rich foods are great for your skin. Foods rich in Vitamin A include sweet potatoes, dairy products (make sure you are not lactose intolerant), greens, red pumpkins, apricots, tomatoes, mangoes and carrots. Have edibles like cucumber and melons that have high water content and will keep your body hydrated. Nuts have omega 3 fatty acids, which is good for oily skin. Another good choice is red lentils, one of the richest sources of protein fibers and rich source of antioxidants to fight aging and acne. You cannot miss on grapefruit if you want a skin detox. Grapefruit is a storehouse of vitamin C, high on water content and when applied externally, you can reap the many anti-aging benefits of the fruit.

5. Moisturize!

Yes! You heard us right! You need moisturizers even if you have an oily skin and this is because too much face washing and overexposure to air conditioned rooms can make your skin dry, which may trigger sebaceous glands to produce even more sebum. A good moisturizer will have the right balance of humectants to draw moisture both from the atmosphere as well as from the depths of the skin.

Take for example, Shankara’s Rich Repair Moisturizer. Science and nature blend beautifully in this lavish, silky moisturizer. Chock full of antioxidants, this cream deeply nourishes and moisturizes dry, flaky skin with noticeable results. It comes with the astonishing goodness of exotic herbs and plants like Aspen bark extract; sunflower seed extract; almond oil; avocado oil; sesame oil; foraha oil; kokam butter; mango seed butter; hempseed oil; jojoba oil; Vitamin E Tocopherol; microalgae extract; rose absolute EO; evening primrose oil; borage oil; arjun extract; extract of helio carrot; shatavari extract; extracts of Calendula, haritaki, wheat germ, ginger, dashmoola, bala, kola and rice protein; Life Everlasting extract; Haritaki extract; Wheat germ extract; Ginger extract; Rice protein extract;

The moisturizer supports natural renewal of skin

Deeply moisturizing and warming

Rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants

Natural sun protection

6. Exfoliate To Keep Acne Risk At Bay

People with oily skin or prone to oily skin need to make sure you exfoliate regularly to avoid accumulation of toxic pollutants, dirt, dead cells. This accumulation along with excess sebum can quickly cause blocked skin pores and eventually acne. Be not harsh on your beautiful skin even if it is slightly oily. Vigorous exfoliation can cause excessive drying which can become another problem to deal with.

A good pick is Shankara’s gentle Microcrystal Exfoliator. Uncover beautiful, radiant skin with this exceptional exfoliation treatment. Ultra-fine silica crystals combine with aloe gel and five algae extracts to gently sluff away dry, dead cells revealing a healthy, youthful glow that is tangibly soft.

Soothes, protects new skin

Gentle, non-damaging to capillaries and pores

Professional quality results

Refines texture and promotes younger looking skin

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