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Are you losing sleep over dark circles? Dark circles can draw nasty comments as well as concerns from people around. Worrying about dark circles should not become another cause for you to have it worse. So we share very simple and quick home remedies to deal with them. Get your notebook out and read on.

According to the ancient healing system of Ayurveda, dark circle could result from poor dietary patterns including eating too fast, overdosing on caffeine and giving breakfast a miss, stressing out the digestive system which can reflect on the face. The skin under the eye is 10 times thinner with fewer oil glands than anywhere else on the face. So whatever is wrong within the body is quickly reflected under the eyes. Dark circles could also be a result of iron deficiency. Some of the other probably causes of dark circles include

·       Product allergies

·       Aggressive rubbing of the skin under the eyes. This skin is very delicate and continuous rubbing and scratching could injure it and cause discoloration.

·       Heredity

·       Improper sleep cycle

·       Stress

·       Iron deficiency

·       Smoking

So here are a few natural (5 minute) remedies you can put to use to make your dark circles go away.

1. Food

Ayurveda suggests having warm foods. Have a spoon of clarified butter every day to improve digestion.

2. Eat, work out and go to bed on time

Dark circles, most often, are simply an indicator of horrible lifestyle habits. Eating at appropriate times, working out religiously and hitting the sack on time can give your body and mind the definitive rest, for you to look fresh.

3. Eye creams

You need to use eye creams before going to bed every night, so the delicate skin under the eye stays sufficiently hydrated. This supports collagen growth, which is responsible for holding the skin firmly in place, keeping it soft and defers aging of the skin. Eye creams stop the damage done to your skin that shows as dark circle.

What kind of eye cream should you use?

·       Make sure your eye cream has ingredients like jojoba oil that are barrier repair specialists. A barrier repair is a zero water moisturizer that protects the delicate skin layer and repairs the damages done to it by replenishing the skin with lipids found in the skin naturally.

·       Make sure your eye cream uses ingredients that provide the skin generous amounts of vitamin C and K.

An ideal choice

would be a product like Shankara’s Anti-Age Eye-Cream made from the goodness of whopping 45 herbal extracts and essential oils including rose distillate, structured energized water, glycerin (veg.),  unrefined shea butter,  grapeseed oil,  andiroba oil, rosehip seed oil, hazelnut oil, jojoba oil, microalgae extract, castor oil, aspen bark extract, cucumber extract,Vitamin E Tocopherol, foraha oil, carrot seed essential oil, pomegranate seed oil, Vitamin C ester, borage oil, kuki nut oil, raspberry seed oil, aloe extract, green tea extract, gotu kola, calamus root, periwinkle extract, chamomile extract, rice and soya protein extract among others.

 4. Slice of cucumber

What to do?

Put cucumber slices over the eye lids for five minutes.


·       The antioxidants present in cucumber reduce puffiness of the eyes.

·       Naturally cooling with astringent properties

You can also use cold tea bags instead of cucumber.  

Slices of apple can also be used. Apple has tannin and multivitamins that provides nourishment to the delicate layers of the skin.

5. Mint

What to do?

Blend mint leaves in a bowl and apply it to your face and under eyes carefully.

You can also add 1/4th spoon of turmeric to the paste for better results. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, rejuvenates the skin and aids quicker healing.


·       Menthol improves blood circulation in the body

·       Rejuvenative

·       Good astringent

·       Causes blood vessels under the eyes to shrink up, reducing the puffiness

·       Mint offers the much needed Vitamin c to the skin that brings glow and softness

6. Aloe Vera extract

What to do?

Apply the freshly squeezed pulp of aloe vera to the under eye. Leave it on for 10 minutes. If it feels sticky, rinse it off. Or it can stay too.


·       Deeply moisturizing

·       Anti-inflammatory

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7. Potatoes

What to do?

Extract the juice of grated potato into a bowl. Keep it on your eyelids for 20 minutes. Rinse it off.  


·       Has bleaching properties

·       Is rich in potassium, which is needed to keep the skin cells hydrated.

·       Is an electrolyte needed for skin cells to function well

·       Prevents puffiness

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