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In our previous article, we shared a few warm ups, really useful breathing exercises and some Yoga poses to get the blood flowing and your heart pumping! Here we introduce a few more asanas, slightly more rigorous that will give you a good cardiac exercise along with mental relaxation. The smile on your face at the end of the routine is just a bonus!

  1. Upward Facing Dog Or Urdhvamukha Shvanasana

Come into plank position or Dandasana. Here, both the palms are on the floor aligned with both the shoulders, and both the toes on the floor. So your whole body is a single line. From your heels to the shoulders, it looks like a single alignment, approximately 30 degrees off the floor and

  1. Downward Facing Dog Or Adhomukha Shvanasana

Slowly as you breathe out, very gently come down, the upper body goes down and then lift your hips up, lift your whole body on your palms and on your heels. Come into the downward facing dog position.

Sit comfortably with legs stretched out in front of the body, knees are straight and then let us get ready for the next pose.

  1. Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana

Slowly lie down on the stomach. In Bhujangasanas, take the mind towards the chest region.

  1. Twisted Cobra Pose or Tiryaka Bhujangasana

Staying in Bhujangasana, as you breathe in, twist your neck to the right side and look to the right heel.

  1. Makarasana or Crocodile Pose

In Makarasana, keep both the hands by the sides.

In order for you to have a strong heart, it is important to release the excessive Vata from the system. Here are a few asanas to address this.

Folds and Twists for a Sturdy Heart

  1. Pawan Mukta Asana or Gas Release Pose

As you are lying on your back, breathing in, bend your knees.

  1. Setu Bandhasana Or Bridge pose

For Bridge pose, bend both your knees and place the feet on the floor, very close to your hips.

-Slowly as you breathe out, relax your hips down and relax your entire back and bring it down and then slowly stretch out both the legs.

  1. Shoulder Stand Or Shalabh Sarwangasana

Lift both the legs in the air,

The Final Twist of All twists

  1. Ardha Matsyendraasana Or Sitting Half Spinal Twist

For this asana,

(With inputs from Jai Desai, a Sri Sri Yoga corporate trainer for over a decade)

Disclaimer: This article is only for informational purposes. It is strongly recommended that you learn and practice these Asanas under the guidance and supervision of a trained and certified Sri Sri Yoga faculty.


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Twisted cobra pose

Upward facing dog

Downward facing dog

Cobra pose

Twisted cobra pose



shoulder stand

bridge pose

ardha mastyendrasana

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