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Say Hello To Vata Season!

You can feel the Vata season approaching as the wind begins to bite, and leaves turn hues of orange, before their final disappearing act for the year, when nature goes into a shut-down to repair itself as if sending us humans a message to do the same for our body, mind, and skin! (Check your

November, 09 2020
5 Powerful Ways You Can Deal With Election Stress Disorder

You know stressing over an election result isn’t going to greatly benefit your body and mind, but here you are nervously refreshing your feed every few minutes. A study carried out last year showed, 68% of participants reported that an election outcome is so stressful that it affects their physical and mental health. But it

November, 03 2020
4 Quick Natural Fixes To Remove Sticky Halloween Makeup

They say, for the lucky ones, solutions appear even before the problem has arisen. Halloween is here. You are all prepped up with your face painted with colors, sticky matt lipstick, deep-drawn mascara, eye shadows. Now you dread the impending mess that awaits you once Halloween is over. Worry not. Here are four quick and

October, 29 2020
The Perfect Foot Massage: Your 10-step Guide

How about, at the end of a long day, you pick up some of our Nourishing Foot Oil and pamper yourself with a nice, invigorating foot massage. As you do that, you allow the oozing goodness of 22 exotic essential oils including sunflower, sesame, kukui nut, jojoba, grapeseed, vitamin E Tocopherol, lemon basil, peppermint, butcher’s

October, 16 2020
How to sleep well? Off gadgets before sleep, and 4 other night rituals

 About a third of Americans are not getting enough sleep, going by CDC data, and this is increasing cardiovascular and obesity-related risks among the population.  A European Heart Journal study, based on data from 21 countries, found that those who slept less than 6 hours had 10% higher risk of death by stroke or heart

October, 01 2020
4 Things That Eyebags Are Trying To Tell You

Overworked, stressed, and under-rested? Or haven’t been hydrating enough? Your puffy eyes and dark circles sort of giving it away. The puffy eyes can also be a result of really unfavorable eating practices like having too much sugar, caffeine, fast food, or skipping meals altogether. In this article, we decode what these eyebags are trying

August, 06 2020
Hand Wash: 5 Reasons To Switch To An All Herbal Option From Chemical Ones

In the absence of any credible vaccines against the deadly coronavirus, what has emerged as most effective in this fight is rigorous hygiene keeping and social distancing. In the copious amount of hand washing that we indulge in every day for 20 seconds each time, we may not have realized one thing. Have you ever,

April, 11 2020
This International Women’s Day, Six Gifts That Say ‘Special’ Like Nothing Else, For The Women In Your Life

There is not much that you can say or do that can quite compensate for the contribution of women in our lives each day. In the ancient Vedic literature, a woman has been associated with  Shakti, the power behind this creation. Powerful she is but she is also grace, beauty, ambition and a great balancing force

March, 08 2020
Dysmenorrhea: 6 Ayurvedic Remedies To Reduce Menstrual Pain

Studies showed, about 25%-50% of the adult women and about 75% adolescent girls experience period cramps, commonly called Dysmenorrhea. And in about 5%-20% of the cases, the pain is severe enough to interfere in the performance of daily activities. The pain is often accompanied with symptoms like headache, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, pain in the legs

February, 12 2020
7 Reasons Men Need Abhyanga In Their Lives

Let’s say you are into sports or have an active lifestyle and you are prone to injuries. How would you like to have a natural non-invasive solution that helps you cushion the damage from these incessant injuries? What if we told you your answer to better metabolism, superior blood circulation, up and running lymphatic and

January, 17 2020
4 Tools To Help You Stick To Your New Year Resolutions In 2020

It is already the second day of the year and quite possibly, some of you may have slipped up on the resolutions you planned to keep for the first year of this decade. Research shows, only 8% of the people who do make resolutions are actually able to stick to them. Fret not. We have

January, 02 2020
Body Mind Complex, Lifestyle
Five Ways To Deal With The Holiday Stress For The Ladies

While we look forward to the holidays spent with our loved ones, this one goes out to the women in our lives who make sure our holidays are memorable, who make sure the food on the table is delicious and diverse, gifts are amazing, all the invites have been sent, guests are comfortable and the

December, 27 2019