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Category: Lifestyle

Oily Skin During Winters? 5 Things To Know About It

Come winter, as you prep your skin for the coming days of dryness, some of you may be faced with a new challenge- oily skin, that makes it even more difficult to moisturize and take care of the skin as cold dry winter runs deeper. Here’s what causes this unique problem and what you can

November, 14 2019
Body Mind Complex, Lifestyle
7 Ways Ayurveda Can Keep You Warm This Winter

It is that time of the year when no amount of coffee and blankets seem to suffice. If you are on the East coast, you know what we are talking about. Sub zero temperatures, snow laden roads, antibiotics and endless layers…yet, infections, cold and occasional fever sneak into our bodies during these winters, as our

November, 10 2019
5 Natural Ways To Remove Stubborn Makeup Totally, Post Halloween (Bonus Tips)

We may be a little too early for the Halloween next year but we might as well be. Whether it is the sticky matt, non transferable lipstick or stay-on foundations or waterproof mascara, or all the artificial color pigments sticking to your face long after Halloween is done and over with, we are here to

October, 29 2019
Ayurveda & Nutrition, Lifestyle
Ayurveda Day, 5 Ways Ayurveda Can Help You Delay Skin Aging

As people transition to alternative medicine for treating various lifestyle disorders and ailments, the modern world has a lot to thank Ayurveda for. Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old science of health and wellness that holds secrets to living in harmony with nature and one’s body and mind by bringing balance to the three main bio energies

October, 25 2019
The Ultimate 6-step DIY Routine For Softer Feet This Winter

Feet covered in boots and shoes all day, dry air and lack of proper care can traumatize your feet in the winter. As we transition into deeper winter days, the feet start drying rapidly asking for more moisturizing, sloughing and scrubbing. But how to do it, what precautions should you take and what are the

October, 20 2019
11 Tips To Reduce Neck And Back Pain From Working Long Hours At The Desk

Have you ever caught yourself slouching over your desk to look at the computer screen or felt a stiff neck from pouring yourself into your mobile screen for too long? If you are into a job or business that requires you to sit at your desk for long hours, it is likely that you are

October, 16 2019
6 Simple DIY Face Masks You Can Make In Under 6 Minutes For The Perfect Winter Skin

Come fall and the skin starts a dramatic journey spiraling towards dryness until it emerges unscathed in the sanctuary of moisturizers, toners and humectants. Though there are genuine herbal au natural alternatives available to fight the toxic chemicals present in large scale commercially manufactured cosmetic products, we waste no time here to give you 6

October, 04 2019
Body Mind Complex, Lifestyle
6 DIYs For All Types of Hair Problems

If your hair goes through the harshness of sun, pollutants, dryness and lack of self-care on a daily basis, if your hair loss, frizz, dry brittle hair give you nightmares, your superhero likely comes in the form of hair masks. They draw their super powers from the qualities and benefits of all the natural ingredients

September, 11 2019
Body Mind Complex, Lifestyle
5 Ways Oxygen Helps Fight Skin Aging

Does your skin feel dull while showing signs of premature aging despite healthy eating and a disciplined lifestyle? It may be a distress signal from your skin cells in want of oxygen. What does this mean and what can you do to replenish the oxygen needs of your skin? Apart from keeping you alive, your

September, 04 2019
Six Non-Invasive Answers To Your Split End Problem

Have you ever lost sleep over split ends, staring endlessly at one? Also, it is not something you can pop a capsule for. Split ends are, in fact, a sign that you need to move away from the heavy chemically doused hair products, pollutants, hair styling and heating products that have resulted in the dry

August, 29 2019
6 Reasons You Need To Switch To Natural Deodorants Right Now

Deodorants are personal care products that you use every day. That makes the toxic accumulation caused by their use, even more dangerous for your health. Deodorants commonly available in the market contain chemicals that are cheaply available for production but cause lingering damage to your body including causing cancers, skin diseases, endocrine dysfunction and reproductive

August, 14 2019
Did You Know Of These 5 Crystals That Can Bring a Miraculous Glow To Your Skin?

Crystals and gemstones have been believed to have healing powers of their own in many cultures. But now they have made inroads in our beauty regimes as well and all for good reason. Mineral crystals or micro-crystals are rich in beauty augmenting and detoxifying properties. What are these crystals and how do they really benefit

July, 31 2019