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Category: Lifestyle

5 Ways to Parent with Peace and Awareness

Several years ago, I attended a parenting workshop. The facilitator gave everyone worksheets to write down what they would like for their children to be when they turned 18.  Words that participants used to share with the group were : independent, compassionate, caring, empowered, resilient, courageous and the like. And then the facilitator asked us

September, 16 2016
Car Karma: 7 Life Lessons Learnt at the Wheel

A few years ago, my husband and I were navigating a long distance relationship. While it was a tremendous learning experience on many grounds, one practical challenge I faced was the commute every other weekend. I had a lot of “free time” during the drive, in spite of long phone conversations (hands-free, of course), self-taught

September, 11 2016
Leading with Freedom: Lessons on Vision, Engagement, and Being

As the CEO of a leadership institute that trains and coaches emerging and seasoned executive leaders from Fortune 100 companies and leading business schools, I continually seek examples of leaders who transcend traditional boundaries of sector and conventional approaches to achieve audacious goals. One such leader I’ve been following is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who

September, 02 2016
3 Secrets of a Healthy Relationship

Relationships are mechanisms through which we experience the world as it is. We always find ourselves relating to the “other”. It can be with things, people, events or even ourselves and who we define ourselves as from time to time. No matter if they are professional or personal, relationships create majority of our daily experiences.

August, 31 2016