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Do you have a light body frame or low body weight? Vata is one of the three Doshas or bio energies in our body that regulate all natural processes in the creation. They function as a combination of the Five Great Elements of Panchamahabhuta in the nature-air, ether, earth, fire and water. Vata combines space and air, and governs bodily movement and the life force.

-Vāta also controls the mind, inhalations, exhalation, blood circulation.

Undertanding Prakruti( An Individual’s psycho-physiological constitution according to Ayurveda)

According to Ayurveda, what you should and shouldn’t do for optimum physical health, depends on your body constitution or prakruti. An individual’s prakruti is the ratio of three functional energies in the body. The three Doshas are vata, pitta, kapha. Each of these doshas have specific traits. The Vata Dosha is the air element and is responsible for all movement in the body. The Pitta Dosha is the fire element and is responsible for digestion. The Kapha Dosha is the earth element and provides moisture to the skin and lubrication to joints. Mostly, two of three doshas dominate in an individual. Pulse diagnosis or nadi pariksha can help diagnose the doshas dominating in your body.

The story of balanced and unbalanced dosas

In Ayurveda, one is always trying to balance the dosas for a happy and healthy life. But what does that promise us?

A balanced vata: energy, enthusiasm, creativity and flexibility.

A balanced pitta: intelligence, strong digestion

A balanced kapha: calmness, thoughtfulness and loving and caring quality.

On the other hand, an imbalance in the doshas cause

vitiated vata: anxiety, irregular appetite, mild weight loss, constipation, interrupted sleep, bloating.

vitiated pitta: anger, jealousy, indigestion, migraines, bladder and kidney infections.

vitiated kapha: depression, laziness, heaviness, weak digestion, excess sleep, diabetes.

Are you a Vata person?

 These are some of the features you find in the personality and physiology of a person with Vata dominance


  1. Light body frame and low body weight
  2. Less stamina and resistance to disease
  3. Constipation and weight loss (very common)
  4. Low and hoarse or high-pitched voice
  5. Light and quick, or frail movement
  6. Talkative
  7. Light, interrupted sleep
  8. Visible network of veins on hands and legs
  9. Nature and emotions are variable
  10. Quick initiation of action, spontaneous
  11. Quickness in passion, affection, aversion or disinclination
  12. Learns quickly, tends to forget quickly
  13. Lively, enthusiastic and creative
  14. Difficulty in undertaking work that requires too much physical activity or constant attention
  1. Lacks consistency in action
  2. Dreams contain activity, flying, fearful and anxious situations

Vata Skin

To have Vata skin means the dominance of air and space attributes in the skin compared to other people of the same age and ethnicity. Thus Vata skin will be thinner, feel cool to the touch, and have a tendency towards dryness.

When Vata is out of balance

Vata skin and aging: Vata skin will show signs of aging more quickly because it is already thin and dry to start with.

Bringing balance to Vata skin: To bring into balance the cold, light and dry nature of Vata, products need to be warming, rich, highly hydrating and moisturizing. Ingredients picked should have regenerative qualities to help slow down the somewhat accelerated aging process. Some products ideal for the Vata Skin

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