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5 Ayurvedic Tips To Deal With Brain Fog

Brain fog can be an underlying symptom for many conditions. They can include multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, sleep disorders, certain heart conditions, pregnancy, or specific lifestyle triggers like stress, anxiety and poor work-life balance. Brain fog can show up in different ways. You may experience lack of clear thinking, slower cognitive process, forgetfulness,

September, 16 2020
Body Mind Complex
8 Ways Out Of A Tension Headache

There truly is no pain greater than a pounding head, those moments when you almost wish you had a hammer to beat out the pain. It can singularly destroy your day at work, make you miserable and leave you irritable. As hard as it is to believe, a headache, tension headache particularly, has to do

February, 04 2020
Body Mind Complex
Everything You Need To Know About Abhyanga

Abhyanga is basically the art of self-massage, an extremely popular Ayurveda based therapy that incorporates warm, aromatic oils, rhythmically massaged into your body, which loosen toxins, relax the nervous system, and provide rest, nourishment, and rejuvenation. It improves blood circulation, tones and moisturizes skin, works up the lymph system, and calms the mind and nervous

January, 08 2020
Body Mind Complex, Lifestyle
8 Diet Tips For A Happy Stomach This Summer  

Dehydration, tiredness, lack of appetite, dryness of the skin and fatigue are common during summer months. Going by Ayurveda, one of the oldest sciences of health and well-being, this is due to an imbalance in the Doshas or bio energies during the summer, when Pitta tends to get aggravated, Kapha is reduced due to excessive heat and Vata dosha

June, 07 2018
Stressful Overwhelming Holidays? 8 Ways To Get It Right!

All too often holidays can be a source of stress for people. Shopping, traveling, planning, cooking, and socializing can be overwhelming at best! We may feel like we have more to juggle than we can handle and that there never seems to be enough time to finish off that to-do list. Here are a few

November, 25 2017
Ayurveda & Nutrition
20 Signs Your Vata Is Off The Charts

Did you know that an imbalance of something called ‘Vata’ in your body could be the reason for sleep disorders, fatigue, restlessness, dry skin, cramps and many other psychological and physiological conditions? According to Ayurveda, the human body is made up of the Pancha Mahabhutas or the Five Great elements – Air, Water, Earth, Fire

July, 14 2017
Ayurveda & Nutrition
How Ayurveda Helped Me Love My Body

Like many young women, I grew up idolizing images of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and the Spice Girls, all of whom graced magazine covers with size 2 bodies and gave off the impression to five year old girls that it was normal to wear belly shirts everyday. Mixed Messages and Me Now, I have never

October, 09 2016