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Are You Summer Ready?

Moon bathing, soaked raisins, milk, melon, and other tips to face the brutal heat…. Going by the estimates of The Weather Company, this year temperatures all across the U.S. are going to be much warmer as we enter the season.  With the onset of summer, as you start feeling the sun again, especially with a

May, 10 2017
Body Mind Complex, Yoga and Meditation
What Can Save a Therapists’ Mind?

A psychotherapist opens up about why counselors and therapists need to look deeper than science… A senior clinical psychologist and psychotherapist by profession and a meditation practitioner gives us five big reasons why people in the mental healthcare industry need to use tools like meditation, deep breathing exercises and other spiritual practices to prevent burn

April, 26 2017
Body Mind Complex
3 Natural Pain Relievers

Have you ever given thought to the function of pain — is it there for a reason? Pain does protect the body from further injury. This not-so-pleasant-mechanism makes us stop and take notice. Perhaps something needs to change or release? Often times we try to silence pain so we can quickly resume activity, but simply

October, 08 2016
Body Mind Complex, Spirituality
September 11: A Tale of 2 Survivals

On that fateful Tuesday morning, I happened to be in the World Trade Center when the first of the two planes crashed into the towers. What followed is a tale of two survivals. First from the burning buildings and the other from the horrifying impressions on my mind. They stood like sentries, tall and unapologetic. Symbols of

September, 11 2016
Body Mind Complex
The Key to Wellness Can Be Found in Ancient Mythology

Nature has given you a tool to manage your mind, eliminate stress and be happy. You just need skill in how to use it. When you feel upset you usually blame people or situations, but the only thing that ever really bothers you is your own mind. The mind is abstract and difficult to control.

August, 31 2016
Body Mind Complex
Kick that Cold – 5 things you can do to stay well and recover faster

Cold remedies are almost as common as the common cold. Who can prevent a cold from coming, but curing the cold quickly can save you from bouts of sneezing, mounting headaches, the pain of congestion, and a Rudolf red nose! While over-the-counter treatments are effective in curbing the symptoms, going with a natural approach can

August, 30 2016
Body Mind Complex
5 Ways to Clear Your Mind This Summer

Ever notice how sometimes summer feels like the more stressful and busy season?    A recent survey conducted by SleepRate shows that a third of Americans reported that they are more stressed in summer months than in any other season. Why? We have busier social lives this time of year – with as many as three

July, 13 2016
Body Mind Complex
13 Tips for a Healthy Body and Stress-free Mind

Make time to exercise and meditate regularly. Give your well-being a priority. The state of your body and mind affects your energy level and productivity. If you are well, everything else feels and looks so much better and brighter. If you are happy, you make others happy. So never feel guilty for taking time for your own care. Exercise daily,

August, 31 2015