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Category: Spirituality

Lifestyle, Spirituality
Are You A Yogi? A Fine Conversation About Doubt

Spiritual seekers or those on the path of Yoga could often have moments of doubt and questions like am I a really a Yogi? Is the path for me? What if I do not reach anywhere or fall off the path?  Here, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Spiritual Master, a Global Voice for Sustainable Peace

July, 10 2017
Lifestyle, Spirituality
The Real Freedom- Many Benefits of ‘Not Knowing’

There are many benefits of acknowledging our limited understanding of the nature of universe and existence. What are they? Know it from this commentary by one of the most loved and respected global spiritual leaders of our time, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder of the International Association For Human Values, that evokes a sense

July, 05 2017
Lifestyle, Spirituality, Yoga and Meditation
2 Mind-Bending Yoga Sutras For A Sincere Spiritual Seeker

In an enlightening commentary on the Yoga Sutras or Aphorisms of Yoga, expounded by Maharishi Patanjali, the father of the classical science of Yoga as we know it today, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, globally acclaimed humanitarian, spiritual master and the Founder of The Art of Living talks about how a sincere spiritual seeker can

July, 01 2017
Lifestyle, Spirituality
Want A Happy Marriage? Here Are 5 Simple Secrets That Work

In the commentary below by renowned global humanitarian and spiritual Master, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder, International Association For Human Values, shares some of the deepest and simplest secrets to make a marriage work and fill our relationships with love, commitment, and fulfillment. These are the necessary reminders that open the gate to marital bliss

June, 24 2017
The Untold Meaning of Yoga Revealed Through These 3 Tenets

We join Yoga classes, for various reasons- to stay fit, to learn to stay calm, to be flexible, to break the monotony of gym or as a way to heal mild chronic conditions. But the real meaning of Yoga has never been revealed to us. Here is a path-breaking revelation by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,

June, 18 2017
Body Mind Complex, Spirituality
4 Things To Know About Fear So You Don’t!

There are things and situations that we come to fear in life. Some of us overcome them and others learn to live with them. but seldom has anyone ever helped us understand fear in a way that we stop fearing fear. Can we really be fearless? Can fear have a natural purpose in our life?

June, 16 2017
Lifestyle, Spirituality
5 Mantras to Make Relationships Last

We are all looking for the magic wand to fix and make relationships last (forever). Wouldn’t that be great if indeed there was such a thing as perfect relationship? Everything seems to be going in our favor and our relationships may be smooth sailing. One gust of wind (read unpleasant event) or few words spoken

May, 30 2017
Lifestyle, Spirituality
How To Break Away From Habits and Addictions?

How to break habits and addictions-Be it coffee, alcohol, drugs or smoking? Here is the most practical advice from the Guru of Joy, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder of the International Association for Human Values to break patterns that no longer serve us and ways to make our intentions come true (Hint-It is very very

May, 17 2017
Everything Else, Lifestyle, Spirituality
Post Mortem Of A Mistake? Here Is Our Recipe for Peace at Home

What do you do when you commit a mistake? Feel guilty? Deny it? Brush it under the carpet? Does any of this help? How do you deal with the mistakes that others make? Here is what the Founder of International Association for Human Values, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a spiritual leader and global humanitarian, has

May, 02 2017
The Art of Letting Go

Are you sure you want to hone this art? Are you absolutely sure you want to be a big loser? Now that I have your attention, let’s understand the what, why and how of letting go. First, what is it that we want to let go of? Nobility, generosity, smile? Of course not, right? It

September, 22 2016
Secrets and Science behind Vibrations

Singing sacred songs and chanting has a deep and profound effect on our existence. There is a whole new realm of secrets about vibrations. Sacred chants like the Vedic Mantras, or Gregorian chants, are in the rhythm of the underlying vibrations of our existence. We can empower ourselves through the use of our voice. Using

September, 19 2016
What’s Your Relationship With Uncertainty?

Usually when someone speaks of uncertainty, you hear verbs like tolerate, handle, overcome, deal with, cope with, etc. All of these have an inherent negative spin to them. Our attitude towards uncertainty is that it is challenging and therefore, we need to learn to live with it. Hence, it is not surprising that I found

September, 19 2016