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Body Mind Complex, Lifestyle
7 Ways To Reduce Fatigue And Aging Of The Eyes 

Irritation in the eyes, dryness, blurred vision, red eyes, back pain and headaches are all symptoms of a raging condition of our times-Computer Vision Syndrome? On an average, an American spends half a day at the screen. Our eye muscles, like muscles in any other part of the body are at work each day. When

August, 29 2018
Ayurveda & Nutrition
Low Bone Density? 5 Ways Ayurveda Can Give You Healthier Bones

Going by some stunning data, over 53 million Americans suffer from conditions related to poor bone density.  When bone density is reduced, the bones start becoming weaker. The fall out is a higher risk of bone fractures. It is harder to manage when the fractures are located in the hip, joints, spine or wrist region.  Here’s where

July, 13 2018
Body Mind Complex
Five Tips To Manage Underweight

A person is likely to be underweight, if they weigh anywhere between 15 to 20 percent less than the normal weighing range for a given age and height. Unless the condition is due to a chronic factor or a manifest disease, it can be managed through holistic healing systems that emphasize on treating the cause

July, 03 2018
Ayurveda & Nutrition, Body Mind Complex
5 Ayurvedic Tips And Treatments You Must Try For Relief From Muscle Pain

If you have been popping embarrassing number of painkillers to deal with the pain and stiffness in the muscle tissues in your shoulders, arms or calves, only because you do not have the time to treat the pain and remove it from its roots, then you should know, painkillers may not necessarily make the pain

May, 03 2018
5 Most Practical Health Tips You Will Read In 2018

As the New Year rolls around, we often get inspired to make changes that will help us bring more balance into our lives. We may feel tired from having stayed up late too many nights, having traveled more than usual, or simply just from having indulged in overeating. The wonderful thing about bringing more balance

January, 04 2018