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Tag: ayurveda for skin

4 Quick Natural Fixes To Remove Sticky Halloween Makeup

They say, for the lucky ones, solutions appear even before the problem has arisen. Halloween is here. You are all prepped up with your face painted with colors, sticky matt lipstick, deep-drawn mascara, eye shadows. Now you dread the impending mess that awaits you once Halloween is over. Worry not. Here are four quick and

October, 29 2020
Body Mind Complex
Rejuvenating Skin Cells Naturally-Is that Really Possible?

If you are particular about what you allow into your skin and how you take care of it, then it is possible that by this time, you are exhausted from reading and listening about products that ‘rejuvenate’ your skin (cells). But is that really possible and can there be natural means to regenerate skin cells

March, 16 2020
Body Mind Complex, Lifestyle
5 Ways Oxygen Helps Fight Skin Aging

Does your skin feel dull while showing signs of premature aging despite healthy eating and a disciplined lifestyle? It may be a distress signal from your skin cells in want of oxygen. What does this mean and what can you do to replenish the oxygen needs of your skin? Apart from keeping you alive, your

September, 04 2019
Body Mind Complex
Are You Doing These 5 Things To Re-hydrate Your Skin?

Drink enough water, moisturize, exfoliate-that’s common wisdom when it comes to dealing with dehydrated skin. But how to follow this wisdom in a way that best suits your skin type? Let us show you. 1. 6-8 Glasses but how? A lot of people believe the best way for the skin to hydrate is by drinking

July, 28 2019
Body Mind Complex
6 Must-Dos For Your Post-Workout Skin Care Routine

Did you know, your acne may be linked to your workout? Though you have no reason to stop working out because of the innocent breakout, it is interesting to note the connection. Dermatologists explain that letting sweat and perspiration sit on your skin and dry post workout can cause an acne outbreak, irritation, redness and

June, 10 2019
Body Mind Complex
Does Your Bath Salt Have These 5 Ingredients?

A lot of people like experimenting with essential oils in their baths as part of aromatherapy, instead of going for mineral salts made using the essential oils. But when you pour undiluted essential oils, they can get sticky because they are not water soluble and using some of them in an undiluted state without a

March, 26 2019
Body Mind Complex
International Women’s Day: Five Perfect Gifts For The Women Of Grace In Your Life

Today and every other day, women are making greater strides in fulfilling their aspirations, bringing ideas into realities, achieving the unthinkable and playing multiple roles at home and at workplace with élan. Women have come a long way since 1909 when their powerful counterparts walked to demand equal rights. And while there may still be

March, 08 2019
Body Mind Complex
5 Good Reasons Why Your Skin Needs More Oxygen

Did you know your skin can look dull from lack of sufficient oxygenation? It’s true. Your skin cells need sufficient oxygen like any other cells in your body to stay healthy and function optimally. Let us tell you why you need to make sure your skin is getting the amount of oxygen it needs. Now,

February, 01 2019
Body Mind Complex
6 Ayurvedic Answers To Your Dandruff Question

  This is winter time, when the skin is drying out like a well in Sahara and drying scalp has left you worried about your all-black wardrobe. Going by one of the oldest systems of wellness, dandruff or white skin flakes are a result of imbalanced Kapha (earth element) and Vata (air element)- Ayurvedic humors or Doshas– in Sanskrit. There are simple

January, 30 2019
8 Ayurvedic Tips To Smell Good Naturally!

  Each individual has a unique odor depending on one’s age, diet, gender and overall health. There are three Doshas or bio elements that carry the qualities of the Panch Mahabhutas or the Five Great Elements- Vata(space and air), Pitta(fire and water) and Kapha (water and earth). Each person’s physical and mental constitution is influenced

December, 26 2018
Ayurveda & Nutrition, Body Mind Complex
7 Ayurveda Ways To Manage Painful And Itchy Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an auto immune skin disease where the skin cells grow faster than it ordinarily should, which is about 27 days. One of Psoriasis’ biggest enemies is dryness and dry weather when it results into scaling and peeling of the skin’s outer layers of the skin. The itching could cause redness and wounds in

December, 14 2018
Body Mind Complex
Ayurvedic Face Yoga Routine Tones the Skin

When a baby yawns, we see the tiny stressors of the day ease into serenity. Stretching the 43 muscles of our face does this. It tones, releases tension, and increases circulation. It keeps our skin youthful. Perhaps this is why Face Yoga has developed into an entire practice that’s spawned numerous YouTube videos and blog

October, 10 2018