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Body Mind Complex
5 Happy Foods To Beat The Road Stress

Be it your daily commute to work, the fatigue there of or a road trip gone awry due to sticky sweltering traffic, you can always save your mind from the anger and frustration of being stuck behind a long line of automobiles. How about a healthy binge that also lifts your mood? An Ayurveda expert

July, 20 2018
Ayurveda & Nutrition, Body Mind Complex
5 Skin Remedies For The Frequent Traveler

As a traveler, what do you come back with? Lot of riveting stories, memories and some tan. This is a special one for those who love to travel and share their stories of and not regret the tan and pigmentation. Going by Ayurveda, a 5000 year old natural system of wellness, skin tan is a

June, 17 2018
Ayurveda & Nutrition, Body Mind Complex
5 Ayurveda-Friendly-Foods To Beat Road Stress

Instead of picking up unhealthy food and drink on the road, how about healthy binging on the road as an alternative?  Diet Tips For The Road Here are some food tips that you can use before you start out, or binge on, while stuck on the road! Fruits Strawberries, orange, guava and pineapple have Vitamin

February, 04 2018
Ayurveda & Nutrition, Body Mind Complex, Lifestyle
Keeping Vata In Check For A More Enjoyable Travel 

Traveling, Especially Air Travel Will Naturally Aggravate Vata. Vata, according to Ayurveda (a 5000 year old science of healing based on the understanding of the laws of nature and the five elements) is a combination of the air and space elements. It is responsible for circulation, elimination, and movement and does marvelous things for us;

December, 22 2017
Ayurveda & Nutrition, Everything Else, Lifestyle
Your Cheat Sheet To Kick Jetlag

Picture this- You are an avid traveler and racking up the frequent flyer miles. You are supposed to rush to a business critical meeting right after you land. After having spent hours inside a crammed aircraft, here you are, required to be fully awake, alert and bring your A game. How will you kick your jetlag?

April, 25 2017