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4 Quick Natural Fixes To Remove Sticky Halloween Makeup

They say, for the lucky ones, solutions appear even before the problem has arisen. Halloween is here. You are all prepped up with your face painted with colors, sticky matt lipstick, deep-drawn mascara, eye shadows. Now you dread the impending mess that awaits you once Halloween is over. Worry not. Here are four quick and

October, 29 2020
Ayurveda & Nutrition, Body Mind Complex
5 Tips: Here’s Your Complete Guide To Post-Thanksgiving Detox

Come Thanksgiving and all the diet plans go for a toss, as you sit around the table with family and friends to gorge on all the delicious and painstakingly cooked food on the table, granted the meals far exceed your daily calorie intake. But you can break a few rules. It’s Thanksgiving after all! Here

November, 16 2018
Happy Winters: 8 Secrets To Beat The Skin Dryness And Lethargy

Winter is at the doorstep! It is time to prep up the skin and the body for the longer and colder nights. Winter marks a shift in the amount of daylight available to us which creates an imbalance of melanin in our body. Longer nights cause the nature to slow down, the skin dries up

September, 16 2018
Ayurveda & Nutrition
4 Foods To Build Immunity During Winter

Come winter, our over all immunity takes a hit. Our body becomes prone to viral and bacterial attacks! So during these winter months, especially the time between Mid January to Mid March is called Shishir Ritu in the ancient healing sciences of  Ayurveda, it is important to monitor what goes into our mouth and what

January, 11 2018
Ayurveda & Nutrition, Body Mind Complex, Lifestyle
Keeping Vata In Check For A More Enjoyable Travel 

Traveling, Especially Air Travel Will Naturally Aggravate Vata. Vata, according to Ayurveda (a 5000 year old science of healing based on the understanding of the laws of nature and the five elements) is a combination of the air and space elements. It is responsible for circulation, elimination, and movement and does marvelous things for us;

December, 22 2017
Ayurveda & Nutrition, Body Mind Complex
9 Home Remedies To Tackle The Winter Dryness For Your Skin

Winter is here and so is dryness of the skin. In order to beat the dryness, a lot of us carry moisturizers replete with harmful chemicals including parabens, synthetic colors, phthalates among many others.  While these creams may beat the dryness, they fail to nurture and nourish your skin from within. Eventually your skin loses

December, 12 2017