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5 Secrets For Entrepreneurs To Keep Calm!

Meeting investors, cracking buyer deals, bootstrapping-basically being nimble-footed, all of this can get to you as an entrepreneur. It can be stressful chasing the vision you have created for your startup, especially when it has not been your day. This startup is your brainchild and you would stop at nothing to see it grow big

January, 09 2019
So You Think You Can’t Meditate?Four Signs That You Are A Pro

Like your car needs refueling, it is an unavoidable requirement of your soul to take a meditative pause for a few minutes every day and for a few days each year. Did you say, meditation is not meant for you? That you fidget a lot and meditation requires you to sit with a straight face

December, 08 2018
5 Habits Of Your Mind That Stop You From Being Unconditionally Happy

Yogi Alert! What keeps you from being boundlessly happy, unconditionally joyful, peaceful and alert? Are you really who you think you are in your mind? What is the nature of this mind? Would you like to befriend your mind? Here in this invaluable, extraordinary yet succinct commentary, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a global humanitarian

August, 24 2018
Are You Truly Independent? Three Ways To Understand Independence

As adults we seek independence, in the way we think, in our actions and in your decisions. We seek independence from any kind of imposition or bondage. But rising a little higher, what does independence truly mean for a spiritual seeker or an aspirant of spiritual freedom? For example, how do you deal with criticism

August, 15 2018
Living With Guilt? Three Ways To Drop It

Often an over indulgence here or a holiday out of the routine there causes guilt. Other times, guilt is caused by actions we engage in that do not meet our moral or ethical standards. But how does guilt affect our consciousness and how much does it really help us? Here in this week’s wisdom blog,

July, 27 2018
5 Simple Techniques To Get Rid Of ‘Undesirable’ Thoughts

The pleasant or the positive thoughts do not bother us as much as the negative thoughts or the thoughts we consider ‘undesirable’. They could be repetitive anxious thoughts or thoughts of worry, doubt or negativity. So what can you do get rid of them? Start with making friends with negative thoughts “If you keep resisting

July, 17 2018
5 Keys To Draw In Abundance In Life

A lot of times we tend to feel a sense of lack in particular aspects of our life, be it relationships, financial matters, peace of mind or health. And very often we are unaware of this tendency of our mind to reel under this sense of lack. On Wisdom Saturday, we bring you five hitherto

June, 30 2018
Body Mind Complex
5 Yoga Poses Before Getting Out Of Bed

To practice Yoga is to relinquish control- a rather revolutionary idea in our modern lives. Ironically for some of us, it is the hardest to let go of the control that our comfortable beds command over us when it is time to wake up in the morning. Here we offer some help with a set

June, 29 2018
5 Morning Rituals For A Great Start To Your Day

Snooze. Rush. Try playing catch up. Slog. Repeat. Sound familiar? What you do in the mornings can set the tone for your entire day. Here are 5 morning rituals that can help you exercise more control over your day and eventually your life. 1.Rise Earlier! Not only will this set your body’s circadian rhythms right,

June, 23 2018
4 Mantras To Lock In Happiness Right Now

“All of one’s life is spent in preparing to be happy someday in the future,” says the global humanitarian and spiritual master, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who founded the International Association For Human Values, “It is like making a bed all night, but having no time to sleep. How many minutes, hours and days

June, 19 2018
Two Tendencies Of The Mind That You Should Become Aware Of To Bring Back Innocence And Happiness

This week’s wisdom post is more than just sentences and paragraphs. If you let it, it will awaken you to a deep but meaningful secret for leading a happy life. In this week’s wisdom post, we share with you a priceless commentary by global spiritual leader and humanitarian, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of

May, 28 2018
Lifestyle, Spirituality
Three Reasons Why You Need To Quieten Your Mind

How empty is your mind’s cup? If it has been full or worries, anxieties, concepts, theories, frustrations, unproductive thoughts so far, would this not be a right time to empty it? So how can you empty it? In this week’s knowledge post, we share priceless pearls of wisdom from the global spiritual Master and humanitarian

May, 09 2018