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5 Ways Kansa Wand Gives You The Perfect Facial Massage At Home

Our skin needs a regular facial massage for facial muscles to stay toned, removal of toxins from the lymph nodes, improved circulation of blood and movement of nutrients into skin cells, and removal of stress. Can’t step out for a facial massage? No worries. You can get the best facial massages right from the comfort

June, 29 2020
Ayurveda & Nutrition
3 Reasons Your Skin Needs Avocadoes

You will probably agree, there are very few fruits or veggies that taste good AND are just as healthy for the body. One such food is the creamy nutty textured avocado.  And here’s something that you probably didn’t know about avocado, which happens to be family favorite and an all-purpose ingredient that can single-handedly flip

June, 10 2020
Body Mind Complex
S.A.D: Six Ways To Keep Your Brain Active And Happy During Winter

There is proven research to show that seasons do influence our mind and more importantly our brain function. There are mood disorders associated with change of seasons. During Winter, people report undergoing SAD or seasonal affective disorder, a type of depression that sets in during deep winters when the days are short, not enough sunlight,

December, 30 2019
Body Mind Complex
8 Ways Ayurveda Can Help You Reduce Water Retention In The Body

This may seem difficult to believe, but if you find a difference in your weight between morning and evening, chances are you may have water retention problem. Water or fluid retention or edema is an accumulation of water in the body organs which leads to the swelling in these organs. It happens due to imbalances

December, 23 2019
Oily Skin During Winters? 5 Things To Know About It

Come winter, as you prep your skin for the coming days of dryness, some of you may be faced with a new challenge- oily skin, that makes it even more difficult to moisturize and take care of the skin as cold dry winter runs deeper. Here’s what causes this unique problem and what you can

November, 14 2019
Ayurveda & Nutrition, Lifestyle
Ayurveda Day, 5 Ways Ayurveda Can Help You Delay Skin Aging

As people transition to alternative medicine for treating various lifestyle disorders and ailments, the modern world has a lot to thank Ayurveda for. Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old science of health and wellness that holds secrets to living in harmony with nature and one’s body and mind by bringing balance to the three main bio energies

October, 25 2019
6 Simple DIY Face Masks You Can Make In Under 6 Minutes For The Perfect Winter Skin

Come fall and the skin starts a dramatic journey spiraling towards dryness until it emerges unscathed in the sanctuary of moisturizers, toners and humectants. Though there are genuine herbal au natural alternatives available to fight the toxic chemicals present in large scale commercially manufactured cosmetic products, we waste no time here to give you 6

October, 04 2019
Ayurveda & Nutrition
8 Foods That Are Good For Your Skin

Now there is enough scientific evidence to the old wives’ tale that says, what you eat shows up on your face. The skin, after all, is the largest organ in your body. You follow a particular diet if your liver is weak or you have a heart condition or if your kidneys do not function

August, 23 2019
Body Mind Complex
4 Things You Should Know About Managing Sensitive and Warm Skin

Some of us are blessed with an unusual skin type-too oily, yet sensitive and dehydrated. It can be difficult to manage a skin type like that without some understanding of Ayurveda and Doshic constitution that defines each individual’s mental and physical makeup including the type of skin. If your skin rallies between being too oily

May, 02 2019
Body Mind Complex
Does Your Bath Salt Have These 5 Ingredients?

A lot of people like experimenting with essential oils in their baths as part of aromatherapy, instead of going for mineral salts made using the essential oils. But when you pour undiluted essential oils, they can get sticky because they are not water soluble and using some of them in an undiluted state without a

March, 26 2019
Ayurveda & Nutrition, Body Mind Complex
5 Vegan Ways To Get Smoother Hair

Let me guess. You are on your way to work and chance upon the smooth, lush thick locks of this woman sitting next to you on the subway and wonder how she got it done. Here you are, tired of having tried every trick in the book, every chemical-laden hair treatment to deal with frizzy

February, 22 2019
Ayurveda & Nutrition, Body Mind Complex
Polar Vortex: 4 Ways To Protect Your Health And Skin From Its Impact

Do not let the polar vortex get the better of you as temperatures plunge below zero. We totally understand what your health and beauty concerns could be and we are here to help you glide through these freezing months. Your annual winter wellness guide is here! Harsh winters can cause an imbalance of melanin in

February, 05 2019