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10 Ayurvedic Secrets To Beat The Silent Killer That Is Hypertension

Did you know, hypertension causes most number of strokes in the world? 47.9% to be precise, while heart diseases, more popularly thought to be responsible for strokes only accounts for 9.1%. Lipids account for 27% of the stroke. Here is the slightly worrying one- 7% strokes have been caused due to stress! Why are we

September, 05 2018
Body Mind Complex, Lifestyle
7 Ways To Reduce Fatigue And Aging Of The Eyes 

Irritation in the eyes, dryness, blurred vision, red eyes, back pain and headaches are all symptoms of a raging condition of our times-Computer Vision Syndrome? On an average, an American spends half a day at the screen. Our eye muscles, like muscles in any other part of the body are at work each day. When

August, 29 2018
Body Mind Complex
8 Easy Ayurveda Inspired Tips To Fight BO

We are here to talk about a very basic condition that drives a lot of judgment among people around us. Did you know that poor blood circulation or accumulation of toxins, closed skin pores or an imbalance in Doshas can all cause body odor, also known scientifically as Bromhidrosis, Osmidrosis or Ozochrotia? Here using the knowledge of Ayurveda,

August, 21 2018
Body Mind Complex
Turning Back the Clock – Three Surprising Facts About Facial Masks!

Did you know that the very first type of skincare products ever used in the world was a mask? Yes, gathering nearby natural ingredients to create face and body masks was one of the first things we did in the name of beauty.  Wanting to look at our best is something that started very early

August, 19 2018
Dry Or Sensitive Skin?10 Tips To Pick The Right Cleanser For Your Face

An important ritual in our day happens to be washing the face, first thing in the morning, sometime in the afternoon, after coming back from work and before retiring to bed. Our skin begs to be pampered. Quite a lot of us wonder what is an ideal facial cleanser for dry skin or oily skin

August, 10 2018
Ayurveda & Nutrition, Lifestyle
Bride’s Glow: 5 Things To Know About This Popular Facial Regime

A facial mask that has been part of the Asian culture, especially bridal culture for centuries is the Ubtan, applied by the bride-to-be to prepare the skin for an unforgettable glow, suppleness and brilliance on the D day. Here we give you a low down of what are all the benefits of this magic paste and

August, 06 2018
Ayurveda & Nutrition, Lifestyle
5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Liver For Better Skincare

Health of your skin reflects the health of your liver and gut, given the fact that the liver processes and detoxifies almost everything that we consume. Apart from detoxifying the blood coming in from your digestive tract, it metabolizes proteins and fats and supports the synthesis of important minerals in the body. Improper liver function

August, 02 2018
Body Mind Complex, Lifestyle
Sensitive and Warm Skin? 4 Hacks To Manage Pitta Skin

Does the nature of your skin swing between being too oily to being too dehydrated and sensitive? Chances are you have Pitta skin. Here we talk about some indicators to help you identify a Pitta skin and its proclivities. Also, bonus hacks on how to manage the skin problems related to a Pitta skin type!

July, 31 2018
Body Mind Complex
5 Happy Foods To Beat The Road Stress

Be it your daily commute to work, the fatigue there of or a road trip gone awry due to sticky sweltering traffic, you can always save your mind from the anger and frustration of being stuck behind a long line of automobiles. How about a healthy binge that also lifts your mood? An Ayurveda expert

July, 20 2018
Ayurveda & Nutrition
Low Bone Density? 5 Ways Ayurveda Can Give You Healthier Bones

Going by some stunning data, over 53 million Americans suffer from conditions related to poor bone density.  When bone density is reduced, the bones start becoming weaker. The fall out is a higher risk of bone fractures. It is harder to manage when the fractures are located in the hip, joints, spine or wrist region.  Here’s where

July, 13 2018
Body Mind Complex
Five Tips To Manage Underweight

A person is likely to be underweight, if they weigh anywhere between 15 to 20 percent less than the normal weighing range for a given age and height. Unless the condition is due to a chronic factor or a manifest disease, it can be managed through holistic healing systems that emphasize on treating the cause

July, 03 2018
Ayurveda & Nutrition, Body Mind Complex
5 Skin Remedies For The Frequent Traveler

As a traveler, what do you come back with? Lot of riveting stories, memories and some tan. This is a special one for those who love to travel and share their stories of and not regret the tan and pigmentation. Going by Ayurveda, a 5000 year old natural system of wellness, skin tan is a

June, 17 2018