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The Cortisol Problem: Reduce This Stress Hormone Naturally In 5 Ways

Cortisol is called the stress hormone. Our body was originally meant to release a hormone called cortisol in response to dangerous stimuli and to prepare our body as part of our fight or flight response. When used for that specific goal, it serves a great purpose. But the release of cortisol, in response to stress,

September, 01 2020
Body Mind Complex
Bloated From Water Retention: Abhyanga Helps!

Did you know there is a quick way to check if your body is bloated up due to water retention? Check your weight in the morning and in the evening. If the two vary, it is a clear symptom of water retention problem that can lead to often painful swelling in legs, palms, face or

August, 21 2020
Ayurveda & Nutrition
Coronavirus: 3 Ways The Stress From Staying Home Affects Your Skin

The world is in a lock down, well almost. Work from home as well as work for home is keeping us on our toes and social distancing has made sure we get zero parlor time. We are left to our own devices as far as skin care is concerned. You may think, staying at home

March, 30 2020
Body Mind Complex
5 Ayurvedic Nighttime Rituals To Help You Doze Off As Your Head Hits The Pillow

Don’t you envy people who hit the sac and drift off immediately? Research shows, Americans are not sleeping enough and certainly not sleeping better. Not sleeping the recommended 7 hours a night is linked to an increased risk of conditions like obesity, blood pressure, heart disease, and mental stress. Wouldn’t it be great if there

February, 26 2020
Body Mind Complex
8 Ways Ayurveda Can Help You Reduce Water Retention In The Body

This may seem difficult to believe, but if you find a difference in your weight between morning and evening, chances are you may have water retention problem. Water or fluid retention or edema is an accumulation of water in the body organs which leads to the swelling in these organs. It happens due to imbalances

December, 23 2019
Body Mind Complex
8 Life Saving Tips To Keep Infections At Bay This Winter

The change in seasons and drastic drop in temperatures becomes an ideal breeding ground for scores of respiratory diseases and viruses to thrive, making you prone to common cold, flu, and fever. According to Ayurveda, the 5000 year old system of wellness and healing, the effect of seasonal changes on health can be understood with

December, 04 2019
Body Mind Complex
On This International Yoga Day, 3 Ayurvedic Practices For Every Yogi

As you glide into a cobra pose on this International Yoga Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the gift of Yoga in our lives that has brought good physical and mental health, healed illnesses, brought spiritual centeredness, a happy state of mind, flexibility for some and weight loss for others, we are here to tell

June, 20 2019
Body Mind Complex
5 Mistakes That Are Causing Your Skin To Age Faster

Fragile, rough skin that is slacking, thinning of the epidermal layer are all signs that your skin is aging. Normal aging process, overexposure to the sun, pollution, habits like smoking and eating food deprived of antioxidants-they all can lead to release of free radicals that damage skin cells and cause premature aging. Here are a

March, 29 2019
Body Mind Complex
Does Your Bath Salt Have These 5 Ingredients?

A lot of people like experimenting with essential oils in their baths as part of aromatherapy, instead of going for mineral salts made using the essential oils. But when you pour undiluted essential oils, they can get sticky because they are not water soluble and using some of them in an undiluted state without a

March, 26 2019
Ayurveda & Nutrition, Body Mind Complex
5 Vegan Ways To Get Smoother Hair

Let me guess. You are on your way to work and chance upon the smooth, lush thick locks of this woman sitting next to you on the subway and wonder how she got it done. Here you are, tired of having tried every trick in the book, every chemical-laden hair treatment to deal with frizzy

February, 22 2019
Body Mind Complex
6 Ayurvedic Answers To Your Dandruff Question

  This is winter time, when the skin is drying out like a well in Sahara and drying scalp has left you worried about your all-black wardrobe. Going by one of the oldest systems of wellness, dandruff or white skin flakes are a result of imbalanced Kapha (earth element) and Vata (air element)- Ayurvedic humors or Doshas– in Sanskrit. There are simple

January, 30 2019
Body Mind Complex
9 Natural Ways To Fight Sinus Symptoms

About 35 million Americans have sinusitis attacks each year. The symptoms like a runny nose, heaviness in the head, affected olfactory organs, occasional fever and cough congestion can make it a draining health situation. A condition explained by inflammation of the sinus tissue walls-sinusitis-can occur due to common cold, allergies,dust, dryness, nasal polyps or deviated

December, 11 2018