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Coronavirus: 6 Ayurvedic Ways To Build Immunity And Keep Viral Infections At Bay

Right now as we speak, researchers are working on developing vaccinations to prevent the ubiquitous strain of coronavirus (Covid-19). But how do we make sure, we don’t contract it? There is no straight answer to it but according to many wellness experts, our best bet is building up a strong immune system. A combination of

March, 04 2020
Body Mind Complex
Ayurvedic Face Yoga Routine Tones the Skin

When a baby yawns, we see the tiny stressors of the day ease into serenity. Stretching the 43 muscles of our face does this. It tones, releases tension, and increases circulation. It keeps our skin youthful. Perhaps this is why Face Yoga has developed into an entire practice that’s spawned numerous YouTube videos and blog

October, 10 2018
7 Mudras To Increase Appetite

A stressful lifestyle, poor dietary patterns, medical conditions and demands of a rigorous work life can all affect one of the most important functions of your body-digestion which in turn can cause a loss of appetite. Are there any natural non invasive ways to deal with appetite loss? The answer or the relief lies in the

September, 25 2018
Ayurveda & Nutrition, Body Mind Complex
10 Ayurvedic Secrets To Beat The Silent Killer That Is Hypertension

Did you know, hypertension causes most number of strokes in the world? 47.9% to be precise, while heart diseases, more popularly thought to be responsible for strokes only accounts for 9.1%. Lipids account for 27% of the stroke. Here is the slightly worrying one- 7% strokes have been caused due to stress! Why are we

September, 05 2018
Body Mind Complex, Yoga and Meditation
13 Tips To Heal A Neck Sprain

We asked an expert to share a few simple and relaxing Yogic exercises and tips one can use to ease a neck or a muscle sprain! Here is what they gave us. Ramya Rajashekar, a Sri Sri Yoga Expert for almost a decade, shared that the exercises should be done very gently while maintaining that

July, 24 2018
Body Mind Complex
5 Yoga Poses Before Getting Out Of Bed

To practice Yoga is to relinquish control- a rather revolutionary idea in our modern lives. Ironically for some of us, it is the hardest to let go of the control that our comfortable beds command over us when it is time to wake up in the morning. Here we offer some help with a set

June, 29 2018
Lifestyle, Yoga and Meditation
Too Much Screen Time? Seven Simple Yogic Exercises For The Eyes 

There might have been some truth to your mom chastising you for overexposure to the screen when she said or sometimes hysterically screamed, “Stop staring at it all day! You will damage your eyes!!” According to an article published by Fast Company, staring at the screens for long periods of time has got 64% to 90% of

May, 19 2018
Body Mind Complex, Lifestyle
One Yoga Pose You Can Practice After A Heavy Meal

After you have had a heavy weekend dinner, do you wonder what yoga pose can you strike to relieve the heaviness? Experts at Sri Sri School of Yoga recommend just one posture that can be done post dinner- Vajrasana or the adamantine pose, also called the thunderbolt pose. The term comes from the combination of Vajra in Sanskrit meaning

April, 02 2018
Body Mind Complex, Lifestyle
13 High Value Tips For Best Stretching Experience

Do you bend over to touch your toes first thing in your workout in the morning? We are here to tell you, you are putting your muscles at risk, like many others who do not have a great deal of information about the science of stretching. Stretching when done right, as is done during the

March, 09 2018
Body Mind Complex, Lifestyle, Yoga and Meditation
Four Studies: Yoga And Meditation Keeps Your Brain Young, Happy and Reduces Inflammations

You may already be a Yoga junkie who is in love with your downward dog or deeply calming Om chants or the stilling moment when all you hear and feel is your breath. But we went back to read up on what research carried out in the last year in medical sciences and psychiatry have

January, 16 2018
Ayurveda & Nutrition, Body Mind Complex
One Simple Technique To Stop a Pounding Headache Immediately

A pounding headache can leave you reeling under all-consuming pain and exhaustion. According to Ayurveda, there can be over twenty causes for a headache.  But is there something that can be done for immediate relief from headache, without having to pop pills? There is. Headaches are generally caused due to persistent buildup of stress, anxiety

December, 20 2017
Ayurveda & Nutrition, Spirituality, Yoga and Meditation
14 Tips to Bring Back Your Appetite

Once a foodie but now you look away from food? Ayurveda explains loss of appetite as a symptom that arises due to an imbalance in Kapha and Pitta Dosha with Kapha being higher than ideal and Pitta being lower than we would like. Poor appetite is often a result of poor lifestyle and food habits. But now you can rely

December, 08 2017