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Everyone knows someone who has an enviable metabolic rate. So they eat, and it doesn’t even show! Metabolism is the rate at which calories we consume, are broken down to produce energy that fuels all our life processes including breathing, heart rate among others. In other words, quicker the metabolic rate, easier is the absorption of calories in the body and fat is burnt. In Ayurveda, metabolism of the body is governed by the Pitta Dosha represented by the fire element in the body. So anything you do to keep the Pitta dosha in balance, will ensure you metabolism stays robust. According to studies, metabolism tends to decline by 5-10% each decade as we grow older. Sluggish metabolism leads to accumulation of body fat, chronic fatigue, lack of appetite, lethargy and unexplained weight gain. There is nothing to worry about slowing metabolic rate. You can try out simple non-invasive remedies we share below, to keep the Pitta dosha in check and give your BMR a boost!

1.Spice it up!

Adding spices to your food will keep your digestive fire (agni) burning strong and boost your immunity. Turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, cumin, fennel, and mint are all great choices.

a) Cinnamon

This sweet and spicy oriental herb helps increase your digestive fire and revs up your digestive metabolism. It has warm quality that aids the healing of respiratory diseases. You can have cinnamon in limited quantities with a meal that is high on carbohydrates. Cinnamon pacifies Kapha dosha and balanced Vata, though people with predominant Pitta dosha should consume it in smaller quantities.  

b) Ashwagandhadi powder

It is a standard Ayurvedic herbal formulation made from winter cherries among the other ingredients and is a great immune booster. It is known to help with issues of underweight, physical weakness or poor nourishment. It is an effective Ayurvedic compliment to a good heavy diet. It brings vitality and physical strength. Ashwagandha also called Indian Ginseng or white cherry extract has multiple health benefits that address the problems that come with being underweight or its symptoms like,

-fights diabetes

-helps bring down cholesterol levels

-has stress relieving properties

-Helps increase red blood cell, white cells and platelet count

-known to be good for muscular strength

c) Turmeric

This wonder spice has been widely written about and researched for its immense health benefits and far reaching impact in treating diseases like cancer and blood related illnesses as well as in enhancing immunity. Pertaining to our theme, the presence of curcumin in turmeric kindles the digestive fire, reduces Kapha imbalance and detoxifies the body from Aam (ayurvedic term for toxins), all these three together strengthen the body’s metabolic rate and burns up fat.

d) A Glass of Cumin water every morning

For ages, a suggested morning ritual to improve metabolism and lose the adipose layers is to have a glass of lukewarm cumin.

e) Black pepper

A good replacement for salt in your meals can be the pepper mill. Pepper has piperine that aids metabolism. Black pepper when had in tomato juice, further improves the body’s ability to burn calories faster.

2) Detoxifying body massages

One of Ayurveda’s most splendid offerings for detoxification, which is key to improving metabolism is, massage with body oils made from the essences of herbs that specifically aid stronger metabolism. A warm bath with these body oils can improve the workings of digestive system and speed up the process of metabolism. Shankara’s Sundarya Body Oilis formulated to balance your Doshas. It works on your body which has started showing signs of fatigue from lack of proper rest and accumulation of Aama. Shankara’s Sundarya Body Oil is most calming due to the presence of essential oils of  sesame, Jojoba, squalane, hazelnut, aloe vera, borage, castor oil and evening primrose, clary sage, cardamom and chamomile. A full body massage with these oils helps penetrate deeper into the body tissues, increase blood circulation and removes the toxins.

3) Head and foot massage for 15 to 20 minutes before food

Did you know poor sleep cycle could be another trigger for slowing down your metabolism? Ayurveda experts recommend a 15-20 minute head and foot message before dinner. The massage purges the body of fatigue and stress, while preparing you for an undisturbed eight hours of sleep. Healthy feet are directly connected to an energized body.  Shankara’s nourishing foot oil has essential oils and extracts of calming herbs. It is rich with the essence of sunflower, jojoba, grapeseed, lemon basil, dashmoola, neem, cardamom, camphor, lemongrass, manjistha, lavender, ginger, olive leaves and Ashwagandha.

4) Experts recommend sea-salt bath once a week

Accumulation of toxins affects the lymphatic system and may cause bloatedness over time. This happens due to imbalance in the Kapha dosha. A bath with sea salts once a week helps remove these toxins via sweat glands. If you are looking for an ideal sea-salt that is nourishing, moisturizing and therapeutic, a popular choice is Shankara’s Sundarya Mineral Bath Salt. Uplift the spirit and nourish the body with this luxurious sea salt that leaves the skin feeling soft, supple, and completely moisturized.

5) Drinking hot water

This old advice holds eternally true in managing metabolism. It works every time. Drinking plenty of hot water all through the day will have the toxins in your body running for the door. You can even add some Dosha balancing spices like cardamom, clove, ginger, cinnamon or black pepper to make things interesting.

6) Pitta pacifying diet

Since metabolism is largely a function controlled by how balanced Pitta dosha is, here is a recommended Pitta pacifying diet that you can try.

(Good for pitta prakriti and pitta imbalance)


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